PGM Enhances Services and Implements 100% Cloud Based Computing

PGM announced today their commitment to enhance the quality of services it provides to clients. A longtime advocate of Remote Access Technologies (point-to-point T1, direct VPN) PGM announced a new strategy with the introduction of several new servers running on Virtual platforms. One of the very best examples of how cloud computing is used to benefit PGM clients is it ability to deliver remote desktops to a large number of users. A desktop delivered from the cloud (as a Service) can provide immediate global network access from the variety of devices being brought into the organization by users. With the data residing on a centralized PCI-compliant cloud, the IT manager no longer has to worry about sensitive data residing on these outside user devices, which they have no control over.

“Use of the cloud has made it easier for PGM to control security concerns and to manage billing and other sensitive data, which is most important to our clients. It streamlines our ability to offer a national service to our clients while simultaneously requiring a single data center to control.” said David Seebode, Vice President of Information Technologies.

About PGM Billing
PGM Billing is a leading provider of medical billing and practice management software and services to physicians and healthcare facilities. PGM’s product offerings are based on proprietary web-based practice management software and integrated back-office service operations. The Company was founded in 1981 and currently serves over 300 physicians nationwide. Clients include solo practices, group practices and large faculty practices in more than 50 different specialties. To learn more about PGM Billing, please call us at (877) 783-1818 or visit us at