PGM releases new HL7 practice management interface

PGM Billing announced that its HL7 interface add-on, has been completed and is available for use in the latest version of their practice management system. The HL7 interface will allow full data integration for physicians using third party EMR software and PGMs practice management system.

It has long been a policy of PGM to maximize billing efficiency by interfacing with as many software and hardware environments as possible. For over 30 years, PGM has been writing software interfaces to numerous hospitals and insurance companies throughout the country. The emergence of EMR and EHR software over the past 24 months has increased the demand for interface programs. Interfacing streamlines the billing process by eliminating redundancies in the system and by limiting the possibility of human error. The new billing interface will allow PGM to work with virtually any EMR system with standard data export functionality.

“It just makes sense from a personnel and software perspective to have data pass seamlessly from Electronic Medical Record software directly into billing software. We have written interfaces to so many hospitals and Insurance companies that it only makes sense to take advantage of the process with the EHR companies.” said David Seebode, vice president of Information Technologies.

About PGM Billing
PGM Billing is a leading provider of medical billing and practice management software and services to physicians and healthcare facilities nationwide. PGM’s product offerings are based on proprietary web-based practice management software and integrated back-office service operations. The Company was founded in 1981 and currently serves over 300 physicians nationwide. Clients include solo practices, group practices and large faculty practices in more than 50 different specialties.