Lab Services Overview

Laboratory Billing Services That Help You Tackle Revenue Cycle Management Challenges

PGM understands that clinical and reference laboratories face a daunting number of challenges. The complexity of clinical laboratory billing, ever-increasing regulatory demands, inadequate legacy applications and difficulties accessing information can impede growth and hinder the success of your business. 

PGM has been working with clinical and reference labs for the past 30 years and has developed one of the most effective lab billing, coding and financial management services on the market today. With PGM, clinical and reference labs can effectively manage high-volume, small-dollar claims, improve laboratory collection rates and gain revenue cycle management insight through in-depth financial management reports. 

Every step of the way, our team works closely with you to ensure we develop a customized billing strategy that is designed to meet the strategic business objectives of your practice. Our full-service laboratory billing handles all aspects of laboratory billing, including both the technical and professional components, as well as complete medical billing. In addition PGM services include: 

  • Accession or patient encounter monitoring to ensure every case is submitted for reimbursement
  • Monitor payments to ensure adherence to contracted rates
  • Statements for patient balances
  • Handle patient inquiries regarding billing questions
  • Guidance on pricing
  • Ensure accurate financial reporting, coding, billing and collections
  • Increase revenue while cost-effectively processing high-volume, low-dollar claims
  • Reduction of days in A/R
  • Minimize write-offs and bad debt by actively working and following up on denied claims
  • Control costs by measuring and tracking productivity and profitability by procedure, by site of service, by physician and by salesperson
  • Personalized assistance through dedicated account representatives
  • 30-year laboratory billing track record

To learn more about our laboratory medical billing services, request a free demo or contact us for more information.