Access to Real-Time, In-Depth Visibility and Reporting

Understanding your practice’s financial performance can be challenging. With data buried in patient charts, spreadsheets and antiquated systems, gathering the information necessary to optimize operations and plan for the future is often difficult and time consuming.

To help meet this challenge, PGM provides you with advanced financial and practice analysis tools, specifically designed to give enhanced visibility of your operations at the click of a button. PGM medical billing reporting is user friendly and grants instant access to data so you can immediately track performance and make qualified decisions. Qualitative assessment becomes easier because you can review everything from which payers reimburse, and at what rates to which business lines are most successful.

Benefit from no-hassle software, easy implementation and automatic updates. From any Internet-enabled computer or mobile device, you can analyze payments by carrier, provider, location, procedure, diagnosis, timeframe and much, much more. There are currently several hundred standard reports to choose from, as well as customizable reports that replace the static reports generated by typical billing software. Many of PGM’s reports have been recommended and modified by PGM clients to provide the necessary information relevant to you.

With PGM reporting, you get clearer visibility into practice operations and claims’ status, all updated in real time. Reporting capabilities are focused on increasing your bottom line and giving revenue control back to your practice.

Access to Real-Time, In-Depth Visibility and Reporting Selected Practice Analysis Reports

Summary Report

Overview of all charges, payments and adjustments. This report can be customized by any criteria relevant to your practice’s needs.

Accounts Receivable Report

Up-to-the-minute, detailed or summarized aged receivable information that will give you 100% visibility over your uncollected claims.

Revenue and Production Report

Allows you to analyze your procedures by code, giving you better insight into how you allocate your time.

Payment and Charge Report

Detailed or summarized list of payments received and charges submitted, helping you to categorize payments and charges by multiple variables including location, physician, or insurance carrier and more.

Frequency of Procedure/Diagnosis

Examine the most common procedure, diagnosis code, other information recoded within you practice. Customize this report for any provider, location or timeframe of your choice.

Payment Reimbursement

Analyze the payment history by insurance carrier, helping you to determine if contracted carriers are meeting their negotiated fee schedules. This report is useful when renegotiating contracts or fee schedules with insurance carriers.

Denial Report

Review claim denials by insurance carrier, helping you to identify areas of improvement and carrier abuses.