EMS & Ambulance Billing

Integrated physician billing,practice management, and electronic health record service.

Ambulance Medical Billing that Improves Performance & Lowers Costs

The quality and success of your services heavily relies on your ability to maintain and manage both cash flow and expenses. Complex Medicare and private insurance provider requirements, combined with municipal budgetary constraints and rising costs, often leads to understaffed billing departments that lack the necessary resources and technology to maximize EMS reimbursement. 

At PGM, we understand that balancing EMS and ambulatory services with business and cash flow needs can be a difficult task. To help EMS systems succeed given the intricacies and demands of our industry, PGM provides a simplified EMS billing alternative with proven cost effectiveness, streamlined efficiency and unparalleled customer service. 

Our billing and support services are custom tailored to each client. From subscription plans to fiscal reporting, everything we provide is exclusively designed with the customer in mind. Our state-of-the-art technology and dedicated support staff ensure high performance-driven results. Our professional management eliminates the need for costly hardware and software upgrades, mail processing, staffing, training and continuing education. You will see an increase in revenue, a reduction in administrative overhead costs and an improvement in patient and customer service.

In addition to savings, our turn-key solution provides complete HIPAA and compliance programs, digital document storage and archiving, professional customer service and on-demand financial reporting 24/7 via the web – all at no extra charge. 

Our medical billing services include:

  • Customized billing and reports tailored to your needs
  • HIPAA and CMS compliance billing
  • Provider enrollment and maintenance for insurance companies
  • Documentation review to ensure context and compliance
  • Monitoring and verification of reimbursement levels
  • Extensive pre-collection management
  • Research of outstanding claims and in-house auditing
  • Provider appeals and hearings
  • Patient assistance to resolve payment issues
  • Secure storage of data in multiple, off-site locations

To learn more about our EMS and ambulance medical billing services, request a free demo or contact us for more information.