The American Urological Association provides a free, valuable urology coding and billing resource that you can access regardless of whether or not you are a member of AUA.

On its website, the AUA addresses several urology surgical procedure coding and billing questions. These questions include the following:

  • A cystectomy and continent diversion was performed on a male patient and two surgeons were involved. The first surgeon did the cystectomy and the second surgeon did the diversion. How should each code be billed
  • What are the CPT code(s) for an open cystoprostatectomy versus a laparoscopic cystoprostatectomy?
  • Does insurance cover Macroplastique treatment?
  • Our urologist had to convert a laparoscopic procedure to an open procedure due to complications. How do we bill this?
  • How do I bill for the implantation of fiduciary markers in the prostate for radiation therapy guidance?

To access this free resource, click here. If you handle urologist coding or urologist billing, this is a webpage worth bookmarking.