The American Chiropractic Association provides a free, valuable Medicare coding and billing resource you can access regardless of whether you are a member of ACA.

On its website, ACA answers about 20 chiropractic questions about the Medicare program. These questions include the following:

  • Are we allowed to bill Medicare patients directly (i.e., not billing Medicare) as long as we have the patient’s consent in writing?
  • I have heard differing answers as to if it is appropriate to bill Medicare care for the use of an Activator type device when performing manipulation. Could you tell me if I am allowed to use an Activator?
  • I do not have the time to do all it takes to appeal every Medicare claim. Is there an easier way?
  • I would like to offer cash discounts to Medicare patients. Is this ok?
  • Can I charge CPT code 97010, Hot/Cold Packs, to a Medicare patient?

To access this free resource, click here. If you are responsible for providing chiropractic coding and/or chiropractic billing services, this is a resource worth reviewing.

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