In a new survey by Medscape, physicians identified denial of claims as the worst experience they have with insurance companies.

According to the survey’s results, published in the “Insurer Ratings Report 2014,” claims denials were the most frequently as well as the most intensively described negative experience.

Medscape also asked physicians to rate payers on their frequency of denials on a scale of 1 (frequent denials) to 5 (infrequent denials).

Out of 11 insurance companies, Medicare came in highest (fewest number of denials), followed by Blue Plans and Aetna. Humana took the lowest spot (highest number of denials), followed by Oxford Health Plans and HealthNet.

However, no insurer performed particularly well in the eyes of physicians. Medicare came in at 3.2, Blue Plans at 3.1, with all other insurers coming in lower.

More than 6,300 physicians across 25 specialties took part in the online survey from July 9 through September 21, 2014.

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