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About PGM Billing

Since 1981, Physicians Group Management (PGM) has been providing medical billing and practice management services to physicians and healthcare facilities. Over the years, we have developed a range of products and services that provide our clients with a complete platform encompassing the entire medical practice workflow. Today PGM is one of the fastest growing medical billing companies in America. Our current client base encompasses the full spectrum of medical specialties including: Internal Medicine, Dermatology, Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery, Pathology, EMS & Ambulatory services, Cardiology, Nephrology, Urology, Pain Management, OB/GYN, Gastroenterology, and many more.

From appointment scheduling to billing and revenue collection, PGM's innovative products and services, simplify and manage each aspect of practice management. We have built our service offering with the belief that physicians prefer to manage the health of their patients and not be consumed with the paperwork associated with running a practice. PGM's experience and best in class track record provides clients with in-depth knowledge of the technology and the skills needed to make your practice run productively and efficiently. Our services include:

  • A full suite of practice management and medical billing solutions each tailored to the specific needs of your practice.
  • CCHIT certified Electronic Medical Record software and services.
30 Years of Healthcare Management
Integrated physician billing,practice management, and electronic health record service.
The PGM Story

For more than 30 years PGM has been dedicated to offering healthcare providers a comprehensive answer to their practice automation, billing and collection needs. From the beginning as a single practice billing provider, we have grown to become one of the country's leading practice management and medical billing solution providers.

1981 – PGM incorporated with a focus on billing, practice management and electronic claims clearing

1988 – PGM is the first billing company in New Jersey to migrate from a mainframe-based computer system to a PC-based platform

1990 – PGM becomes an approved vendor for Medicare billing and service

1992 – First version of proprietary software for Medicare claims submittal is developed and PGM becomes one of the first companies in New Jersey to submit claims electronically

1993 – Second New Jersey location established in order to manage the rapid growth and success of the PGM product offering among N.J. physicians

1994 – PGM selected by BlueCross BlueShield as a beta counterpart for electronic claims submittal

2001 – PGM releases its first fully online product, providing physicians with the traditional benefits and methodology of practice management coupled with the speed and flexibility of the Internet

2008 – Corporate EMR partnership program established, adding CCHIT-certified EMR functionality to the PGM platform

2009 – PGM opens a third facility in Manhattan in response to a growing base of physicians and hospitals across the tri-state area

2010 – PGM acquires CMS Billing, strengthening its specialty specific service offering

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14 October 2015
PGM Billing, a leading integrated physician billing, practice management and revenue cycle management service provider, announces the launch of a series of free ICD-9 to ICD-10 crosswalks. The ICD-10 crosswalks are available for more than a dozen specialties. They include some of the most frequently used ICD-9 codes converted to their ICD-10 equivalent(s). The specialty crosswalks available are as follows: Allergy Anesthesia Cardiology Chiropractic Dermatology Emergency Medicine Gastroenterology Mental Health Nephrology O...
29 July 2015
PGM Billing, a leading integrated physician billing, practice management and revenue cycle management service provider, announces the launch of a free ICD-10 code search engine. The ICD-10 Codes Lookup Tool provides users with the ability to perform ICD-10 code searches to obtain the correct code and description. Users may search using either the complete or partial ICD-10 code as well as any number of keywords to describe the specified code. This new tool is the second ICD-10 tool launched by PGM this year. PGM previously launched ...
01 July 2015
PGM Billing, a leading integrated physician billing, practice management and revenue cycle management service provider, announces the launch of its redesigned website. While visitors to the website who are using a desktop or laptop computer may not notice a significant difference between PGM's previous website design and the new design, visitors to on a smartphone or tablet will have mobile-friendly access to the wealth of information and tools available through the website. With medical professionals growing incr...