Patient Welcome Letter

DOCUMENT   OVERVIEW:      This  document  may   be   used   as   a   covering   letter   that  welcomes   and  
thanks   new   patients   to   your   practice.    This   letter  may   also  be   used   in   conjunction  with   office  
policies  and   procedure   documents   and   any   relevant  patient  healthcare   documents.    
[inside   address]  
Dear  [name]:  
Thank   you   for   scheduling   an   appointment  with   Dr   [name]   on   [day],   [date].  It  is   my   pleasure   to  
welcome   you   to   [name   of   practice]   in   advance   of   your   first  visit.  
Enclosed  you   will   find   some   patient  information   that  will   help   familiarize   you   with   the   practice  
and   how   we   operate.   If   you   have   any   questions   after   reading   the   material,   I  will   be   happy   to  
answer   them   for   you   by   telephone   prior   to   your   visit.   Also   enclosed   is   a  patient  registration  
form.   Please   complete   the   form   and   either   fax   it  to   us   at  [fax   number]   or   bring   it  with   you   to  
your   appointment.  
We   appreciate   your   selecting   Dr   [name]   for   your   medical   care   and   will   work   hard   to   serve   your