Patient Payment Collection Non Response from Insurer

DOCUMENT   OVERVIEW:      This   document  may   used  for   patient  balances   on   services   rendered  
more   than   60   days   from  the   time   of   service.     It  is   recommended   that  this   document  be   used   in  
the   early   stages   of   the   reimbursement   /   medical   billing   cycle.  
[inside   address]  
Dear   [name]:  
It  has   been   more   than   [—]   months   since   we   filed   your   insurance   claim   with   your   provider.  
However,   your   provider   has   made   no   payment.  
In   addition,   we   contacted   your   insurance   company   for   the   status  of   your   claim.   To   date,   we  
have   had   no   response   to   any   of   our   inquiries.   Our   policy   is   to   await  payment  from   insurers   for  
[—]   days.    
Although   we   have   tried   to   collect  payment  from   your   insurance   company,   you   will   now   have   to  
pursue   this   matter   directly   with   [name   of   insurance   company].    
Please   mail   us   a  check   today   for   [$—].   A   preaddressed   stamped   envelope   is   enclosed   for   your  
convenience.   Or   call   us   with   credit  card   information   and   we   can   transfer   the   balance   to   the  
credit  card   of   your   choice.  
Please   call   me   at  [telephone   number]   so   that  we   may   finalize   this   matter   without  delay.