Molecular (Genetics) lab billing services

Genetics is a rapidly growing field for laboratories, but that growth brings with it significant challenges for molecular coding, billing and reimbursement. Every year, CMS reviews which genes are tested the most and rewrites CPT codes to give the top genes their own codes. Along with frequent coding changes, some codes may cover up to 10 genes. It is imperative for laboratories to stay on top of the sometimes daily coding and billing updates that come from CMS and commercial insurance carriers if they want to ensure proper payments for services rendered.

For busy labs, this can prove difficult, which is why an increasing number of organizations count on PGM’s molecular lab billing services. PGM has extensive knowledge in molecular lab and genetics coding and billing, with a team of certified medical coders and billing experts ready to manage all aspects of your lab billing. They will work directly with your insurance companies to maximize reimbursement for all established codes and new codes, and handle the sending out of appeals that are necessary when payors incorrectly — and frequently — reject new codes.

PGM will work closely with you to develop a customized billing strategy designed to meet the strategic business objectives of your laboratory.

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