Nearly 25 percent of the American Medical Association’s changes to the CPT code set affect gastroenterology, according to an AMA news release.

AMA indicated that these substantial changes were a result of efforts to “revise gastroenterology codes to capture significant advances in endoscopic technology, devices and techniques.”

In total, there are 335 code changes in new CPT edition. The revised code set should be used for claims filed as of Jan 1, 2014.

To assist in the transition to the revised gastroenterology codes, AMA developed a table, which can be viewed by clicking here (pdf), to illustrate the conversion to the updated codes.

If your facility performs gastroenterology billing, it is critical that you take these substantial coding changes into account. Failure to properly perform medical coding and billing can result in your leaving significant money on the table.

Facilities cannot afford to spend a significant amount of time ensuring it is collecting the proper — and maximum — reimbursement for the services provided to patients, which is why more and more practices and ambulatory surgery centers are outsourcing their gastroenterology medical billing. An experienced medical billing company will help increase a practice’s and ASC’s revenue by improving collection rates while reducing payment denials and delays.