The American Chiropractic Association provides a free, valuable coding and billing resource you can access regardless of whether you are a member of ACA.

ICD-10 Implementation for the Chiropractic Clinic” is a previously recorded webinar presented on behalf of ACA by Nicholas Payne, DC, an ACA insurance liaison from Kentucky.

The webinar’s objectives are identified as follows:

Understanding ICD-10

  • Difference from ICD-9
  • Need for change
  • ICD-10 benefits

Implementing ICD-10

  • Structure
  • Impact
  • Documentation and billing
  • Transition
  • Testing
  • Best resources

To access this free resource on YouTube, click here. If you are responsible for providing chiropractic coding and/or chiropractic medical billing, this is a program worth watching.

Note: Oct. 1, 2015, was recently confirmed as the new compliance date for healthcare providers to make the transition to ICD-10.