In late August, the American Medical Association released the 2015 CPT coding changes for radiation oncology, and there were several significant changes announced.

With less than a month until these changes go into effect, it is critical for oncology practices to understand what new codes were added, what codes were deleted and what codes were revised.

The American Society for Radiation Oncology (ASTRO) makes this easy by providing an online analysis of the changes.

Highlights of the changes include the following:

  • Nine CPT codes traditionally used to report conventional radiation therapy treatment delivery have been deleted (77403, 77404, 77406, 77408, 77409, 77411, 77413, 77414, 77416)
  • CPT code 77418 has been deleted
  • CPT codes 77421, 76950 and 0197T have been deleted. CPT code 77014 should no longer be reported to describe the work associated with image-guided radiation therapy
  • Three teletherapy CPT codes (77305, 77310, 77315) and three brachytherapy CPT codes (77326, 77327, 77328) have been deleted

To read ASTRO’s full analysis on the 2015 CPT changes, click here.

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