Anesthesiology ICD-9 to ICD-10 Code Conversions

Anesthesiology ICD-9 to ICD-10 Crosswalk

Note: For certain ICD-10 codes, there may be more specific code choice selections available. Make sure to review whether a more specific code exists. Codes with a greater degree of specificity should be considered first.

* Indicates ICD-10 codes requiring a 7th character extender.

25 of the Most Common Anesthesiology ICD 10 Codes


V45.86 Bariatric surgery status

322.9 Meningitis, unspecified

338.21 Chronic pain due to trauma

338.28 Other chronic postoperative pain

338.4 Chronic pain syndrome

346.00 Migraine with aura without mention of intractable migraine without mention of status migrainosus

349.0 Reaction to spinal or lumbar puncture

455.2 Internal hemorrhoids with other complication

530.81 Esophageal reflux

530.81 Esophageal reflux

569.42 Anal or rectal pain

611.72 Lump or mass in breast

719.40 Pain in joint, site unspecified

722.4 Degeneration of cervical intervertebral disc

722.51 Thoracic or lumbar intervertebral disc degeneration

722.52 Lumbar or lumbosacral intervertebral disc degeneration

723.1 Cervicalgia

ICD-10-CM Codes

724.00 Spinal stenosis, unspecified region

724.2 Lumbago

ICD-10-CM Codes

724.3 Sciatica

726.19 Rotator cuff syndrome of shoulder and allied disorder, other specified

786.59 Other chest pain

787.01 Nausea with vomiting

789.00 Abdominal pain, unspecified site

789.03 Abdominal pain, right lower quadrant

789.07 Abdominal pain generalized

* Indicates ICD-10 codes requiring a 7th character extender.

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