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Outsourced Physician Credentialing Services That Check All the Boxes

The physician credentialing and recredentialing processes are complicated, time-consuming, and costly. And that's when they go smoothly. Factor in typical complications like delays and frequent changing requirements, including rules varying from state to state, and these already lengthy, burdensome processes take significant time away from patient care and generating revenue. The good news is there's a solution that takes this work off your plate and puts it into the hands of professionals you can trust.

PGM: Provider Credentialing Specialists

By outsourcing your provider credentialing and re-credentialing services to PGM, you remove them from your list of to-dos while reducing costs and freeing up valuable administrative time. Our comprehensive approach to credentialing and enrollment streamlines the processes, eliminates redundancy, and delivers timely results, with our expertise helping ensure no important details are ever overlooked and no deadlines are missed. That's why providers trust our extensive knowledge and experience to streamline the credentialing process and secure their reputation.

PGM provides physician credentialing services to organizations large and small. We give providers the flexibility to choose the credentialing and enrollment package that best fits their individual needs.

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Best Medical Credentialing Services

Our customized credentialing services include:

  • New practice setup: All the credentialing services required to start providing care
  • Primary source verification: In-depth verification of education, training, and licensing
  • Specialty and board certification: Ensure providers have earned and still hold the necessary certifications and expertise
  • Insurance and claims history: Comprehensive review of malpractice insurance and claims history
  • Hospital privileges and employment: Confirm previous hospital affiliations and work experience
  • Ongoing monitoring: Continuous updates on provider credentials, sanctions, and disciplinary actions
  • Numerous additional services when needed, such as adding providers, preparation and reattestation of CAQH, Medicare enrollment and revalidation, ERA (electronic remittance advice) and EFT (electronic funds transfer) enrollment, and address changes/updates

Personalized Credentialing Services

PGM will handle all aspects of your credentialing and recredentialing, with our veteran credentialing specialists delivering only the services you need — nothing more, nothing less. When you outsource credentialing and recredentialing to PGM, you receive:

  • Credentialing covering all 50 states and insurance companies
  • Completion of enrollment applications
  • Submission and tracking of enrollment applications
  • Preparation and continuous follow up for CAQH
  • Confirming if insurance networks are open for your provider's specialty
  • Requesting fee schedules from payer for provider's review and approval prior to contracting
  • Archiving of documentations for future reference
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Benefits of Our Provider Credentialing Services

Our high customer retention rate and glowing satisfaction surveys demonstrate the significant value we provide to our practice partners. What can you expect when you outsource credentialing to PGM?

  • Personalized tracking system
  • Regular status reports
  • Frequent communication with your PGM account representatives
  • Consistent follow up with insurance companies
  • Education and timely answers to questions
  • Superior customer service and hands-on support
  • Outstanding quality standards
  • And, most importantly, stress-free results

Learn Why Providers Love PGM Credentialing

When you outsource your credentialing and recredentialing to PGM, you'll be elevating your practice's reputation for delivering safe, quality care. Experience the benefits of a trusted credentialing service provider. Reach out to our team for a personalized consultation and discover how PGM will transform your credentialing process.

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