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(Lyndhurst, NJ) February 2012 – PGM Billing, a healthcare technology and service company, renews its commitment to its US based operations. All PGM clients are assigned a US based Account Representative to manage and facilitate the medical billing process. PGM is committed to American based employment, the strictest HIPPA compliance standards and the highest level of customer service.

Albert Saviano, President and CEO of PGM Billing, said, “We are aware of oversees billing companies as well as the low cost services they provide. We believe this latest trend to outsource billing oversees is temporary given quality issues related to customer service, patient experience, reimbursement results, and HIPPA compliance standards. PGM is 100% committed to its US based workforce and its goal servicing clients to the highest market standards. Given our track record and growth rates, we believe most physicians and facilities agree.”

About Offshoring
A recent article in the San Francisco Chronicle highlights the compliance risks associated with the offshoring of medical data. “How one offshore worker sent tremor through medical system” – discusses a Pakistani based employee of the UCSF Medical Center who threatened to post patients’ confidential files on the Internet unless she was given additional compensation. While the U.S. maintains strict standards to protect patient medical data, these standards are not enforceable overseas. This recent violation of medical privacy highlights just some of the dangers associated “offshoring” work that involves patient sensitive health information.

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PGM Billing is a leading provider of medical billing and practice management software and services to physicians and healthcare facilities nationwide. PGM’s product offerings are based on proprietary web-based practice management software and integrated back-office service operations. The Company was founded in 1981 and currently serves over 350 physicians nationwide. Clients include solo practices, group practices, municipalities and laboratories, in more than 50 different specialties. To learn more about PGM Billing, please call (877) 751-7515 or visit


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