Patient Notification of Balance Write Off

DOCUMENT   OVERVIEW:      This  document  may   be  used  to   release  a   patient  from  his/her  financial  
[inside   address]  
Dear   [name]:  
[-­‐ ]   months   have   passed   since   we   last  heard   from   you   regarding   your   outstanding   medical  
account  balance.  
We  feel   confident   that  if   you   could   have   paid   this   bill   you   would   have   done   so.   To   reduce   your  
financial   burden,   we   are   not  going   to   send   you   any   more   bills   for   payment  due.  
We   only   ask   that  when   your   financial   situation   improves,   you   remember   us   with   your   payment.