The Importance of Claims Scrubbing: Q&A With Roey Hine of Physicians’ Group Management

Roey Hine is Senior Vice President, Client Services & Operations, for Physicians Group Management. Q: What is claims scrubbing? Roey Hine: Claims scrubbing is a review of billing data and claims prior to submission to clearinghouses and insurance companies. That review is performed to ensure the claim is accurate, complete and compliant upon first submission […]

Billing Tip: Ensure Visits Billed as ‘Incident To’ Meet Medicare Criteria

The U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) is more closely scrutinizing services billed at physician reimbursement levels but performed by nonphysicians, according to a Medical Economics report HHS indicated its intention to take a closer look at these “incident-to” services, which are often performed by nurse practitioners and physician assistants, in its Office […]

Free EHR Resource: ‘EHR Contracts: Key Contract Terms for Users to Understand’

The Office of the National Coordinator for Health Information Technology has released a free, downloadable guide designed to assist providers who plan to acquire electronic health record (EHR) systems. The guide, titled “EHR Contracts: Key Contract Terms for Users to Understand,” is intended to help buyers better understand critical EHR contract terms. As the report […]

PGM’s Credentialing Specialist Justine Marquard Contributes Credentialing Article to Becker’s ASC Review

Justine Marquard, credentialing specialist at Physicians Group Management, has contributed a column to ambulatory surgery center (ASC) publication Becker’s ASC Review. The story is titled “10 Best Practices for ASCs to Ensure Successful Credentialing.” To view the column, click here. Becker’s ASC Review features general business, legal and clinical guidance on topics including joint ventures, […]

10 Best Practices to Ensure Successful Credentialing

By Justine Marquard, Credentialing Specialist, Physicians Group Management Whether you operate an in-house credentialing program or outsource your credentialing, there are many best practices to follow to ensure your program delivers timely credentialing and re-credentialing results that do not keep your physicians from providing care. Here are 10 helpful tips to help ensure your physicians […]