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PGM Billing Selected as Spotlight Vendor by Health Technology Review | PGM

(Lyndhurst, NJ) April 2012 - PGM Billing, a nationwide healthcare service provider, has been selected as a preferred medical billing company by the Web’s leading EMR review site, Health Technology Review ( The recognition honors PGM’s commitment to providing best in class medical billing services to physicians and healthcare facilities using a wide variety of healthcare technology systems and software.

Chris Saviano, VP of Business Development for PGM Billing, said, “We are both delighted and thankful for having received this distinction by Health Technology Review. From the beginning, PGM’s strength has been its ability to adopt and embrace the latest in healthcare technology. Today we have the ability to work with hundreds of EMR systems, either through the integration of our practice management software, or by utilizing the EMR vendor’s existing software and providing complimentary back office services.”

Health Technology Review editors noted that “PGM has shown a true dedication to adopting the latest software and web technologies to provide a more efficient and integrated service.”

Since the passing of the HITECH act in 2009, physicians and healthcare facilities nationwide have implemented Electronic Health Record technology in record numbers. Today, in excess of 30% of US Physicians are utilizing EHR technology in some capacity. PGM provides medical billing services to EMR users by offering dedicated interfaces between systems as well as remote access billing services. “We typically see two scenarios related to customers using EHR systems. For clients using systems with an integrated practice management component, PGM will access the system and provide traditional back office functionality such as accounts receivable management. For those clients utilizing systems without an integrated practice management component, PGM will work with the EHR vendor to create a bridge or an interface by which encounter and billing data can be seamlessly exported to our practice management system.”

In addition to this recent nomination, PGM has recently been awarded several other industry distinctions, including Money and Business Magazine’s nomination as one of the “Top 5 Medical Billing Companies,” as well as a spot on the highly coveted INC 500|5000 Fastest Growing Companies list.

About Health Technology Review
Since 2005, Health Technology Review has been providing healthcare related IT information to physicians and healthcare professionals. The company provides comprehensive information, articles, reviews, ratings and news on today's leading healthcare technologies, with a special focus on Electronic Medical Records and Medical Billing Software. The company has reviews for over 250 certified EMR systems. For additional information on Health Technology Review, please visit Health Technology Review.

About PGM Billing
PGM Billing is a leading provider of medical billing and practice management software and services to physicians and healthcare facilities nationwide. PGM’s product offerings are based on proprietary web-based practice management software and integrated back office service operations. The Company was founded in 1981 and currently serves over 350 physicians nationwide. Clients include solo practices, group practices, municipalities and laboratories in more than 50 different specialties. To learn more about PGM Billing, please call us at (877) 751-7515 or visit us at


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